Gerard McChrystal (Saxophone): Interfuse

Gerard McChrystal (Saxophone): Interfuse
Date and time
12 Apr 2016 (1:05pm - 2:00pm)
12 Apr 2016 (5:00pm - 7:00pm)
To be announced.
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Interfuse is one musician's personal journey and demonstration of all the amazing sounds and colours that a saxophone can produce.

Enjoy a programme of original compositions by Gerard McChrystal, with some pieces developed using a loop station and other use live electronics. Musical influences include, dance music, baroque, blues, folk music and a chicken. Composers include Joe Cutler, Andy Scott, Barry Cockcroft, Karen Tanaka, Telemann, Paganini and Bach.

Interfuse has won awards from Creative Leicestershire and Arts Council England. It is supported by RVW Trust, Yanigisawa Saxophones, Japan, Buffet Senzo Saxophones, Paris,, London, Vandoren Reeds, Paris and Barnes & Mullins, UK.