City of Sounds: Elegy for a Concert Hall - featuring Junior Conservatoire Choirs and Orchestras

City of Sounds: Elegy for a Concert Hall

City of Sounds Festival

Date and time
25 Jun 2016 (7:00pm - 9:00pm)
To be announced.

£10 (£8) (£3, BCU students)

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Enjoy this performance from the Junior Conservatoire choirs and orchestras

Daniele Rosina
Jeffrey Snowdon
Timothy English
Junior Conservatoire Choirs and Orchestras

Howells Elegie
Tchaikovsky Fantasy Overture “Romeo and Juliet”
Percy Pursglove A Glance to the Sky to Count the Stars

The Adrian Boult Hall's penultimate concert will be celebrated in style by the Birmingham Junior Conservatoire. Conservatoire composer and jazz trumpeter Percy Pursglove (who was seen earlier in the festival performing with the Julian Arguelles Tetra) was specially commissioned 12 months ago to write a piece that would see all Junior Conservatoire ensembles take to the stage. The Junior Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Jazz Group and Vocal Ensemble will now join forces for it's premiere to offer a unified goodbye to the hall.

As a precursor, the Junior ensembles present Tchaikovsky's ever-popular 'Romeo and Juliet' overture and Howells's celebrated Elegie.  

City of Sounds Festival

In a city recognised for its architectural transformations, the City of Sounds festival is an invitation to remember, to celebrate and to look to the future of Birmingham’s rich music scene.

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