City of Sounds: BLAST! A Sea of Percussive Wonder

City of Sounds: BLAST! A Sea of Percussive Wonder

City of Sounds Festival

Date and time
16 Jun 2016 (7:00pm - 9:00pm)

Recital Hall, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

200 Jennens Road, B4 7XR


£7 (£5) (£3, BCU students) 

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Federico Demmer Colmenares percussion
Jorge Gregorio García Moncada, Marcela Zorro and Simon Hall live electronics

Jorge Gregorio García Moncada La historia de nosotros (The history of us) 

Witness an explosive piece for large-scale multi-percussion setup, live electronics and spatialisation to envelope the audience in a sea of percussive wonder.

La historia de nosotros, a large scale 80 minute work inspired in a corpus of mythological and historical chronicles from the Huitoto nation, an ethno-linguistic group based on the Colombo-Peruvian Amazon region, depicting ontological stories that bring together the foundations of their culture. Four ancestral mythical beings are mirrored by the main pillars of the maloca, gathering sanctuaries for the Amerindian Amazonian culture.

These Cathedral[s] of the jungle shelter the ancient rituals known as the Historias de Nosotros [Histories of us], cosmogonic stories in which the re-enacting of the origins by the fathers of the community build the
entire cultural web that keep society together.

Enjoy this special collaboration between staff from the percussion and music technology departments of Birmingham Conservatoire and University of the Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.

City of Sounds Festival

In a city recognised for its architectural transformations, the City of Sounds festival is an invitation to remember, to celebrate and to look to the future of Birmingham’s rich music scene.

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