CODA 2021: Kat Wallace - METABow

CODA 2021: Kat Wallace - METABow

CODA 2021

Date and time
14 Jun 2021 (2:00pm - 2:30pm)



Free online event - advance booking essential.

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To view each Coda 2021 performance, you must book a DAY TICKET. Links to view each day’s performances will then be emailed to you in advance of 11am each day.

Kat Wallace METABow Showcase: Rethinking the Bow

A showcase of the METABow project so far. We will demonstrate the capabilities of the interactive violin bow and Maja Pluta will perform two new works by Kat Wallace and Daniel Blanco for violin and electronics

YouTube première

CODA 2021

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