CODA 2021: Viridian - An Album for Guitar and Ronroco

CODA 2021: Viridian - An Album for Guitar and Ronroco

CODA 2021

Date and time
16 Jun 2021 (1:45pm - 2:15pm)



Free online event - advance booking essential.

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Zygmund de Somogyi/Oli Kinsella Viridian: an album for guitar and ronroco

Viridian: a short album for classical guitar and ronroco, by Zygmund de Somogyi and Oli Kinsella. Written via Zoom between rural Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany) and Devon (UK), Viridian is a record that aims to re-contextualise the ronroco outside of its Bolivian origins, and provide a new role for the classical guitar, bringing to life the incredible ambience of the two instruments working in tandem. Drawing from contemporary guitar repertoire, ambient music, post-rock, and video game soundtracks, Zygmund and Oli’s soundscapes sketch a scene of escapism and reverie that is equal parts intimate, atmospheric, and haunting: reflections of shadows from the fields of a troubled landscape.

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