CODA 2021: Infinite Opera - The Flowering Desert (Excerpts)

CODA 2021: Infinite Opera - The Flowering Desert (Excerpts)

CODA 2021

Date and time
18 Jun 2021 (1:00pm - 2:00pm)



Free online event - advance booking essential.

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Infinite OperaThe Flowering Desert (opera excerpts)

Tanna Chamberlain
Kinna Whitehead
Katharine Sherratt
Simon Paton
Helena Bowen

Hannah McDonald
Tina Fung
Olivia Thornber
Michael Lam
Charlotte Sleet

The Flowering Desert is an opera inspired by the discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 Solar System. It is composed by Daniel Blanco Albert, with libretto by Roxanne Korda, film by Tadas Stalyga and movement by Alexander Kaniewski. Originally planned to be performed at the ThinkTank Planetarium. These excerpts have been adapted as a short film.

CODA 2021

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