CODA 2021: Experf Does Traffic

CODA 2021: Experf Does Traffic

CODA 2021

Date and time
17 Jun 2021 (6:00pm - 7:00pm)



Free online event - advance booking essential.

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To view each Coda 2021 performance, you must book a DAY TICKET. Links to view each day’s performances will then be emailed to you in advance of 11am each day.

George West Experf Does Traffic

Tanna Chamberlain
Ivy Jlassi
Maja Pluta
Leon Trimble
Alexander Kaniewski
James McIlwrath

Beep Beep! Fasten your seatbelts, check your mirrors, it’s experimental performance postgrads with an absolute pileup of a concert about the world's favourite source of noise pollution… TRAFFIC. Where green means go, red means stop and amber continues to mean nothing. The rules of the road (amongst other things) will find themselves in new music performances.  Expect zooming, whirring, br(e)aking and some dangerous driving that is bound to make us lose our licences. At least.

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CODA 2021

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