CODA 2021

CODA 2021

CODA 2021

Date and time
14 Jun 2021 (11:00am)
15 Jun 2021 (11:00am)
16 Jun 2021 (11:00am)
17 Jun 2021 (11:00am)
18 Jun 2021 (11:00am)



Free online event - advance booking essential.

Booking Information

To view each Coda 2021 performance, you must book a DAY TICKET. Links to view each day’s performances will then be emailed to you in advance of 11am each day.

CODA 2021 at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire offers an online programme of exciting new music, experimental, projections, screenings, films, discussions and everything in between.

You can book tickets for each individual performance via the links below, or simply purchase a day ticket via the buttons to the right of this page.


CODA online 2021 schedule (timings subject to change)

Monday 14 June

11am-12pm         Subject Empathy: Compassionate Cooking

1pm-1.30pm         Adam Parry-Davies: Wind orchestra

1.40pm-1.55pm    Kinna Whitehead: Into Foam

2pm-2.30pm         Kat Wallace: METAbow

7pm-7.45pm         Victoria Benito: Handmade Souvenirs (from the flat)

8pm-9pm               May Wong: PG composition showcase

9.15pm-10.15pm   Difficult Listening: The CODA Show


Tuesday 15 June

11am-12pm         Subject Empathy: Leonard Learnstein - 'The Big Idea'

1pm-1.30pm         Howard Skempton: What to make of music

1.40pm-1.55pm   Isabella Ennes: Bafflement

2pm-2.15pm         Miranda Raffo: Stockhausen in the woods

4pm - 4.15pm      Charlie Kedge: Young Composers Online

7.30pm-8.15pm    Cat Mole: Radio Translations

8.30-pm-10.00pm Difficult Listening: The CODA Show

10.05pm - 10.40pm Victoria Benito: Handmade Souvenirs (from the flat)

Wednesday 16 June

11am-11.30pm     Subject Empathy: Grief Exercise

1pm-1.30pm        Si Paton: Don’t exist inside your head

1.45pm-2.15pm   Zygmund de Somogyi: Viridian

4pm-7pm             YCP Symposium and showcases

8pm-9pm             Difficult Listening: The CODA Show

Thursday 17 June

11am-12:30pm     Subject Empathy: LobEr-EMPATHY

1.45pm-2pm         Patrick Case & Dani Blanco: Farewell to the last car: LIVE IN PERSON by the Millennium Point multi-storey car park

6pm-7pm               ExPerf does Traffic

8pm-9pm               Seán Clancy & Andy Ingamells - Sixty minutes of music for synthesizers and images 

9.15pm-10.15pm   Difficult Listening: The CODA Show

Friday 18 June

11am-12pm          Subject Empathy: Big Time Inconvenienced

1pm-2pm              Infinite Opera: The Flowering Desert

3pm-4.30pm         Tanna Chamberlain: A woman crashes

7pm-7.45pm         James McIlwrath/Alexander Kaniewski: Olivers’s object-oriented Opera

8pm-9.30pm         Subject Empathy: This one is Red

9.45pm-10.45pm  Difficult Listening: THE CODA SHOW

CODA 2021

Events include: