Frontiers 2015: £108 - Art Never Lies

Frontiers 2015: £108 - Art Never Lies

Frontiers 2015

Date and time
16 Mar 2015 (7:30pm)

Recital Hall, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

200 Jennens Road, B4 7XR


£5 / £3

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Tickets available on the door or via Eventbrite.

A transaction fee is charged per ticket paid for online. Therefore tickets will be charged at £5.95 (£3.83) each. No transaction fee is applied to tickets sold at the venue.

German born, British composer, Michael Wolters presents a conceptual performance over 108 minutes for which exactly £108 has been spent on its production.

The number 108 appears in Crying Freeman as the sinister society of 108 Dragons, Devil Hunter Yohko is the 108th generation demon slayer in her family and in Sekire there are 108 beings called Sekirei which bond with humans.  In Sands of Destruction there are 108 laws of robotics in clock town, 108 is the atomic number of Hassium and there are 108 cards in a deck of UNO cards.  In Homer's Odyssey, the number of suitors coveting Penelope, wife of Odysseus, is 108 and there are 108 seats available to witness this event!

Frontiers 2015

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