Public Research Seminar: Nicholas Gebhardt

Public Research Seminar: Nicholas Gebhardt

Public Research Seminar Series

Date and time
20 Apr 2021 (4:00pm - 5:30pm)




Public Research Seminar: Professor Nicholas Gebhardt, Birmingham City University (speaker) - It’s never too late: Miles Davis and modernism

This presentation focuses on jazz trumpeter Miles Davis's 1981 live recording of ‘My Man’s Gone Now’ from the album We Want Miles (Columbia, 1982). This was Davis’s first appearance on stage for six years and his return was eagerly anticipated among the jazz community. The inclusion of Gershwin’s song in his comeback performances raises some important questions about the development of Davis’s vision for jazz and his place within its history. What is the connection between past and present in Davis’s music? How does Gershwin’s song fit into Davis’s post-1960s repertoire? And how do we evaluate the relationship between his live and studio recordings in the post-1960s period?

Nicholas Gebhardt is Professor of Jazz and Popular Music Studies at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom and Director of the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research. His work focuses on jazz and popular music in American culture, and his publications include Going for Jazz: Musical Practices and American Ideology and Vaudeville Melodies: Popular Musicians and Mass Entertainment in American Culture, 1870-1929. He also co-edited The Routledge Companion to Jazz Studies.

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