How to join the Game Creation Federation

A great way to socialise and meet people at university is by joining a society. As a Computing student you may want to join the Game Creation Federation. The society hosts a 24 hour games jam to help computing students experience the joy of creating a game. Our Computer Games Technology students have answered the questions below to help you find out what it’s like to be a Games Creation Federation member.

How and when can students join the society?

Students can join the society at any time during the academic year. Membership information can be found on the society’s homepage

What are the main activities you do as a member?

As a member, activities include running or helping with the run up to 8 Game Jams/Hackathons per year from Global Game Jam to HackTheMidlands.  However, we don’t only work on these events we also run seminars on a weekly or fortnightly basis. These seminars are typically focused on industry and hosted by experts from specific fields. For example, some of our upcoming seminars will focus on Version control systems, Graphics Shaders, Procedurally generated content and multiplayer networked games topics for members to take part in. 

We’ll also be running an extra module that is entirely optional but will cover games development for retro games consoles. We’ll start with the Gameboy and end with the GameCube.

What can students gain by being a member?

Students gain Graduate+ points and awards by being a member of the society. Depending on funding, they may also each receive personalised items from each event they help organise.

Furthermore, as a society we work closely with academics so some of the activities we do contain verifiable material that can be applied to modules.

To find out more about the Game Creation Federation visit our dedicated page. On this page you’ll find contact details and information on upcoming events.

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