Getting Involved in Global Game Jam

Game Jams are a hackathon-style event that features teams developing a game in a short space of time. The Global Game Jam 2019 saw teams create games based on the secret theme, “What Home Means to You” in 48 hours. 

Computer Games Technology student Bethany Cawthorne shares her experience at the Global Game Jam 2019, where her team came second in the event.

Image of Bethany Cawthorne and Carlo Harvey

Why did you get involved in the Global Game Jam?

The Global Game Jam is an amazing opportunity, as you get to learn so much in such a short period of time. I really enjoyed taking part as it wasn’t pressured - you can interpret the theme in any way you want, and just have fun with it!

It's cool as you get to meet new people who are also participating, they have a completely different skill set to yourself.  You get an opportunity to  learn from them and create something amazing.

What was the game you made?

The game my team made was themed around a dog trying to find its way home. The whole world was in black and white but the dog could see scents in colour, which helps the player navigate the world. 

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What was your personal highlight of the Game Jam?

At around 3am a group of people all gathered together to play board games and have some fun. We all did terribly at the board games as we were all so tired, but it was the most I've laughed in a while.

Why would you recommend other students take part in the next Game Jam?

The Global Game Jam was a great way to meet new people and learn new skills. I had tons of fun along the way - plus there was free pizza!