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The innovative application of digital technology can transform organisations, industries and societies. However, technology does not work in isolation. We understand the complex relationships between people, information, processes and technology.

We investigate new ways to help organisations unleash their potential to thrive in an inclusive digital society. Our expertise includes:

  •          Facilitating digital change in organisations.
  •          Applying design thinking to solve complex real-world problems.
  •          Leading digital change workshops using innovative methods such as Lego® Serious Play®.
  •          Assessing technology maturity and readiness for digital transformation.
  •          Analysing and redesigning business processes to improve performance.
  •          Formulating digital strategies.
  •          Designing cloud platforms and information system architectures.
  •          Developing applications to improve access to information and automate business processes.
  •          Training in digital skills from MS Office to Linux and the Cloud.

These skills have been used in collaborations in a range of industries with organisations such as Jaguar Land Rover, Central England Co-Operative, UKFast and SMEs.


Case study: Setting the Vision for Digital Transformation in an IT SME  (Service Sector)

Digital change starts with people. We developed and facilitated a series of workshops to help devise a shared vision of the future organisation and the digital change that was necessary to achieve it. This enabled the organisation to develop a shared mental model of the key values and direction of the organisation, providing the foundation for developing a digital transformation strategy.

“Thank you for coming to see us, giving a different perspective on one of our major (business) issues. I was heartened by the response to the LEGO Serious Play® facilitation session and it was really interesting to see how people reacted to this concept and also how well they all worked collaboratively”. Susan Marlow, Director, Minster Micro Computers Limited

Case study: Designing the Processes for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Many organisations fall into the trap of seeking to use technology to speed up current business processes. In an SME, we analysed their existing processes and redesigned the processes, improving efficiency, effectiveness and adding value to customers. New IT systems were then developed based on the redesigned processes.

Case study: Making Sense of Data to Improve Decision Making in the Automotive Industry

Organisations collect vast amounts of data but often fail to have the information needed to make effective decisions. We developed a decision support framework designed for carmakers to manage the commercial implications of CO2 environmental legislation. The framework was demonstrated to the Association of Cost Engineers at an event at Bentley Motors in Crewe. Delegates commented that the framework was a useful proactive data-driven approach to modelling non-linear interrelated decision criteria, simulating the commercial implications of multi-objective optimisation decision-making methods.

Case study: Automating Business Processes in Service Delivery

Many processes within businesses are still human driven, even if they are carried out on a computer. They require users to carry out repetitive tasks using spreadsheets or other digital tools. Any such processes are likely to be slow and error prone as people make mistakes. With one organisation we developed two methods of capturing feedback from thousands of customers and automated the transformation of that data into feedback dashboard sheets for each product. This reduced the turn-around of this feedback cycle from weeks to hours, greatly reduced the human input needed, and improved customer experience and satisfaction.

The Centre for Digital Transformation has six Lego® Serious Play® Certified Facilitators and one of the World’s first Certified Online Facilitator of Lego® Serious Play®. The method provides a collaborative approach to strategic thinking and problem solving enabling teams to work effectively together.

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