Three societies you didn't know existed at BCU

Joining a society at university can be a nice break from studying and also a chance to also mingle with people who share a similar interest.

There are a wide range of societies available here at BCU that have been started and run by our students. From dance related societies to cultural societies, you’re sure to find a society that interests you. Below, we’ve listed a few societies that you maybe wouldn’t have expected to find at university.

1. Debating Society

If you find yourself getting into arguments constantly then here’s a society just for you. Although, if you struggle with public speaking or are looking for something to boost your confidence levels, then this society can also be for you. Our student vlogger Joey went and took a visit to see what the debating society was all about.

2. Harry Potter Society

The film series might have ended but the magic doesn’t need to. BCU is home to the Harry Potter Society and it is the perfect place to discuss all things muggles and wizards. Your first day in the society will see you being sorted into houses and from there your wizard life will begin!

3. RAG Society 

How about a society all about rags? Boring! So it's a good job that RAG actually stands for Raise and Give society. RAG Society, as the name suggests, is all about giving back. The aim of the society is to raise money through different activities on campus and then giving that money to a different charity which supports different causes. Joey also went to spend a day at RAG Society when they were fundraising for Children In Need.

To find out what other sports and societies you could take part in, visit the BCUSU website.

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