Parent zone: Summer edition

Summer's not just an exciting time for students. With family holidays, the thought of your child preparing for the next stage of their lives, those pre-university weeks can be fun but also emotional for parents. We've got some great Summer advice and a quick nod to how you're feeling (it's not all about them!)

The emotions of your child leaving home for university

A light-hearted look at how to cope with your child flying the nest!

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University then vs now

If it's been a few years since you were a student, here's our guide to how university has changed.

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How to keep your child busy this Summer

Our top do's and don'ts to make the most of Summer before your child heads to uni.

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Making the most of Summer before your child goes to uni

You probably have high hopes for this final Summer before you child starts uni and feel the need to make it special.

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Seven life lessons to teach your kids before they go to uni

Impart your years of wisdom with these how-to’s that will ensure your child’s survival when they head off to uni!

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How to help your teenager get a Summer job

We’ve put together a guide of how you can help with applications, and how beneficial a part-time job before uni can be....

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