12 real exam disasters

In the words of an American fizzy drink - exams: "what’s the worst that could happen?" Well as it turns out quite a bit. We’ve compiled 12 disasters from the Internet that have all unfolded in the exam room, as well as adding your stories to make our definitive ‘it could have gone worse’ list.

So if you feel as though your exam didn’t quite go as well as you hoped this Summer, it probably wasn’t this bad.

12 real exam disasters

1. Paper puke

Not feeling great walking into the exam room? Have some sympathy for this person. Half way through a maths exam one student threw up all over their paper. Lucky for them there was a quick thinking invigilator who quickly whisked the exam paper away and cleaned it up. Silver lining, it was still legible and they got a B. 

2. Four fingers

Ever heard the one about the four fingered invigilator? It happened to one poor guy after taking a seat at the front of the exam hall on one of those classic high school foldable chairs. The chair collapsed with a hand stuck underneath and a finger was lost. But it got worse… after paramedics assisted the man out of the room they realised they’d left the sliced-off digit behind!

3. Ever ringing phone

Phones going off in exams is a common occurrence. But when a phone continues to ring and ring it can cause the people overseeing the exams to lose their cool. In one such case, an invigilator went mad for 10 minutes until they realised that it was actually their phone making the noise. ‘Sorry guys my bad, carry on.'

4. Ringtone 

If your phone does go off, you should at least have a decent ringtone. Or maybe don’t change it at all. One male student was left red-faced when ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ began blaring from his blazer. He lost his final grade, and all credibility. 

5. Spare change

One person distracted their whole physics exam by spilling an endless supply of coins from their trouser pocket. We’re not sure why they were taking a stack of money into an exam, but a good rule of thumb is that extra time can’t be bought.  

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6. The folding table

We’ve had chairs now we’ve got the table, a classic example of an exam disaster prop. In one example, a student’s table began to slowly fold in on itself during the exam, before the panicked person screamed and dived for cover. Everyone stopped. If it’s ‘slowly’ folding we assume it was this persons own fault and we don’t have much sympathy. 

7. Bless you

 Developing a ticklish, ever-present cough during an exam is one of the worst situations to be in. For one person, it lasted nearly an hour, resulting in them being moved to the back of the class and receiving a lot of evil glances from their fellow students. As with this pic here, you can draw back some love from your exam mates if instead of covering your mouth to hide the cough, you simply dab. 

8. He fell over

Try and avoid the temptation of leaning back in your chair – one student kicked back their heels with delight at finishing their paper, before gravity took over and sent them flying. Unfortunately, they’d also grasped their desk, taking that and their paper down with them. 

9. He fell over (part 2)

Is there a better sight than seeing someone take a tumble off their chair? No? Let’s have another! 10 minutes from the end of an English GCSE exam, one unlucky student had their chair give way beneath them, ending up on a heap on the floor and raising laughs from both the students and teachers. We liked the picture from number eight so much we’re using it twice…

10. Easy easy easy

Complacency can often be the cause of an exam downfall. One student raced through a surprisingly brief ICT exam, and left the exam room early. Only to later find out they had taken the wrong exam and hadn’t checked the front paper to see this for themselves. They got an A on the paper they sat but their overall mark was later pulled down to a C to reflect the level of exam they had taken. If something is too good to be true, and all that!

11. The break up

It’s not you, it’s me… 15 minutes before an important science exam one girl’s boyfriend, of two years, decided it was the best time to break up with her. The girl then broke down in tears outside of the exam hall and subsequently delayed the exam by 10 minutes. We feel sorry for anyone taking any science exam, let alone without having Luke dump you just before.

12. Footy lads

Now this one will forever go down in exam folklore. Half way through an exam, one lad got a bit fed up of the whole writing malarkey and decided it was time for a good old footy sing song. As a devoted Arsenal fan he began the infamous 'What do we think of Tottenham’ chant, in which one person leads and hopes others join in. Luckily for him, various other fans around the room did, interrupting everyone else. Yep, that’s an immediate fail.

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