One year on from Clearing

AAAAAHHHHHHH RESULTS DAY! It's coming up and everyone is terrified. So what happens if your exams haven't gone too well? Or you're not that interested in your course anymore? That's exactly what Clearing is for!

Our student, Hafsa, tells us how Clearing helped her in this video.

Hafsa's top Clearing tips

1) Make sure you're in a quiet place to call the hotline (unlike me!)

Depending on how busy the Clearing hotline is and what your situation is, there's a possibility you could be on the phone for a while so just make sure you're not likely to be interrupted. It would be a pain in the neck to call up the hotline on the train and lose signal halfway through because of a stupid tunnel! On the other hand, your Clearing experience could all be done and dusted in 15 minutes! It just depends on how things play out on the day.

Worried? Get alerts and advice.

Be prepared for Clearing with our Clearing guide and alerts about our available courses.

2) Remember to follow up on your uni loans/accommodation!

It's not over when you get your Clearing place. Now it's time to sort out your accommodation and any loan information you need to sort out (depending on your circumstances). If you're worried about anything you can ask people on the Clearing hotline about next steps!

3) Enjoy your summer!

Don't let your results or any other uni related stuff get you down. Clearing is here to help. If your worried about your results sign up for Clearing updates below and follow ours (and Hafsa's!) tips for a stress free Clearing experience!

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Clearing. Let's talk about you.

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