How you feel now exams are over

You’ve put the pen down on your last exam and spent your final two hours in a college exam hall. You and your friends have already planned your choreographed post exam dance routine and the summer is right in front of you! To get you in the mood, we’re showing what it feels like to finish your last exam.

Exams emotions primary

before exams faces

The glorious celebration when you get out of your last exam

Clearing - how you feel now

The next morning you feel the exhaustion of those last few months

Clearing - how you feel now exams are over 2

… and the next day

Clearing - how you feel now exams are over 3

Did someone say holiday?

It’s the perfect time to get out of the country (or even just your town) and see something new.

But between all the fun you get this uneasy feeling while you’re waiting for your results

Clearing - how you feel now exams are over 4

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Two weeks in and free time is getting a little old

Check out our Summer fun articles for some ideas on how to beat the boredom.

Grumpy cat - clearing

You think maybe you should get a job

Clearing - how you feel now exams are over 5

Or work on that creative thing you’ve wanted to do

clearing - creative

But Netflix just released a new season that you’ve been waiting for

clearing - netflix

And you think after weeks of this:

Clearing 10 page Clearing 11- page

It's okay to relax a little

Clearing 13 - page

Whatever you do this Summer, have fun and maybe pick up a book or two. You don’t want to be completely out of practice when you get to uni. Worried about your results? You’ll probably be fine but it’s a good idea to have a back up option. Take a look at our courses available in Clearing and make sure you know all your options so you can enjoy your Summer without a care in the world!

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