How to stop worrying about your exam results

The exams are done, the papers are submitted and outside of inventing a time machine there is nothing you can do now except wait to see what your results are.

It’s easy to use the next few weeks to worry and panic about your grades but it’s important you spend your Summer enjoying yourself, resting and recharging. You have worked so hard and you have earned the right to relax.

Five steps to take to avoid obsessing and replaying your exam

1. Identify your fear

Are you afraid you failed the test? Are you afraid your performance will impact your university entrance possibilities? Writing a journal can help you pinpoint your fear, and help clarify and create a back up plan just in case you need one come results day.

2. Realise what you cannot control

You cannot control your results. What you can control though is how you decide to react to it and what you can do now. 

3. Turn mistakes into learning curves

Maybe you did not write your essay well or did not revise as much as you could have for various reasons. What can you learn from this experience to improve your approach to exams in the future?

4. Practice mindfulness

If you've not done this before, there's a few simple techniques you can have a go at. Try to keep your mind in the present. Look around you while you walk (instead of your iPhone). Breathe in the scents around you.

5. Reward yourself for your hard work

After the exam, do something you enjoy. This will help take your mind off the exam. Visit a favourite café or shop. Alternatively, you could have a fun night out with friends. You also take a soothing bath or read a non-academic book.

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Action plan: After taking these steps, what next?

Most importantly, If plan A doesn’t work there are 26 other letters in the alphabet. Creating a back up plan will help to ease stress and worry. Clearing is a great way to get into university. if Plan A doesn't quite work out, why not take a look at our courses available in clearing to help keep your mind at ease. In the meantime, here's a few other things you can do this Summer.

1. Volunteering

There are many volunteering schemes set up specifically to give you skills that will serve you well for your whole career, giving you the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and make a difference. Experience is crucial and if you think you may have fallen short of your grades can help build your CV in non- academic ways.

2. Keep busy

Long periods of doing nothing might sound wonderful while you’re cramming revision before the exams, but it can soon get boring and your mind can focus on the negatives. Fill your days with fun activities – there are dozens of things to do that don’t cost much in most towns and cities. Visit museums and galleries, join classes, learn a sport and spend time with friends and family.

3. Have a holiday

A change, as they say, is as good as a rest. This is an ideal time to take a trip, maybe even your first proper holiday away with the girls or the lads! Even a working holiday or a visit to friends and family is a great break. Make sure you make the most of your free time, and create plenty of new experiences to take your mind off any uncertainty ahead.

4. Interning

Another option to look into is the possibility of interning over the Summer period. If you are careful to research the prospects available, and choose your placement wisely, internships can offer valuable future options and can be a stepping stone to full time employment or give you some contacts for apprenticeship and graduate programmes.

5. Don’t panic

While studying it might seem like your exams are the most important thing in life ever. You'll come to realise that it was just one chapter in your life.

So, until the big day, keep calm and carry on having fun.

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