The Centre for Brexit Studies (CBS) is an academic facility which supports and encourages the existing work on Brexit within Birmingham City University’s schools and faculties. It promotes rigorous engagement with the multifaceted aspects of the “Leave” and “Remain” perspectives in order to enhance understanding of the consequences of withdrawing from the EU.

Whilst CBS will have a national focus we will also specifically investigate the impact on Birmingham and the surrounding areas. 

The work of CBS is primarily undertaken by Birmingham City University staff and students, but we will provide collaborative opportunities with interested businesses, professional organisations and civil society. Our work will be accessible to the general public and we will hold conferences, workshops and seminars to disseminate knowledge and encourage discussion on Brexit. The Centre website will also reference member’s publications on Brexit issues.  

Centre for Brexit Studies Climate Change Image 341x139 - Melting globe

Climate Change and Environment

It has been estimated that 80% of the UK’s environmental protection laws are European in origin, covering everything type of conservation.
Climate Change >>

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Constitutional Implications

This stream seeks to engage with the legal issues arising from the referendum result, predominantly focusing on the constitutional law questions.
Constitutional Implications >>

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Devolved Administrations

Though the referendum was national, and the result is binding on all regions of the UK, not every region voted the same way. What impact could this have?
Devolved Administrations >>

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The legislation coming from the EU has impacted directly on UK employers. Some laws have been welcomed, whereas others have caused frustration.
Employment >>

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Hate Crimes and Radicalisation

Research indicates that hate crimes spike following ‘trigger’ events, and evidence shows that hate crime surged in the UK following Brexit.
Hate Crimes and Radicalisation >>

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Higher Education

This stream provides a sounding board for ideas about the impact of the European Union on contemporary higher education in the UK.
Higher Education >>

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Human Rights

The proposed triggering of Article 50 will have significant implications for the promotion and protection of human rights.
Human Rights >>

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Intelligence and National Security

Intelligence and national security is one of the areas in which Brexit is going have a substantial impact, no matter the agreement negotiated.
Intelligence and National Security >>

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International Politics and Relations

This stream intends to provoke a critical analysis of the position of the United Kingdom in relation to other countries and institutions in the international arena.
International Politics and Relations >>

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Not only is language crucial to how people construct their national identities, it is also a key part of how we develop a sense of belonging and community.
Language >>

Centre for Brexit Studies Patriotism and Populism Quad Image 341x139 - Hand waving a Union Jack flag

Patriotism and Populism

For many, the Brexit vote in June 2016 was an act of patriotism. Defending the nation against the bureaucrats in Brussels and 'taking back control' of Britain.
Patriotism >>

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Race and Racialisation

The Centre for Brexit Studies is very interested in how the Brexit vote will impact, or not impact, Racialisation in the United Kingdom.
Race and Racialisation >>

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Third Sector

Britain leads Europe in solving social problems with social enterprises and charities delivering public and other social services.
Third Sector >>

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In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, trade is no doubt going to be one of the most controversial and difficult areas to negotiate for the UK.
Trade >>

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UK and US Parallels

Though they took place on opposite sides of the Atlantic, there were a lot of similarities between Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump.
UK and US Parallels >>

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Voter Perceptions

There has been limited research on understanding the decision making processes and implications of the Brexit vote from a Psychological standpoint.
Voter Perceptions >>

Corporate and Public Law

Corporate and Public Law

This stream seeksto engage with the legal issues arising from the referendum result of 23rd of June, predominantly focusing on the corporate and public law questions..
Corporate and Public Law>>