Bertha Dzifa Kumodji

PhD Student


Bertha graduated in Human Resources in 2011. In this year, she moved into the banking industry and began to build a career in Customer Service and as an HR Professional. She has 5 years’ experience working in a range of financial and services industries including GCB Bank Ghana Limited, Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited and Commerz Savings & Loans Company Limited, Ghana where she held a management position.

Bertha went on to complete a Masters in General Management at the University of Hull Business School in 2016. Her research interests emerged from her master’s studies in Business and Management which provided her with a clear motivation to further her studies to a doctoral level and in the field of academia.

Bertha is currently a PhD Student undertaking research at the Birmingham City University Business School - Centre for Brexit Studies. Her research area is broadly focused on talent management in SMEs in the UK. Specifically, the research explores the applicability of the notion of talent management in the SME context in turbulent situations like Brexit. The aim of the research is to expand and contribute to a better theoretical understanding of HR practices in SMEs during a turbulent period of time.

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