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Collaborate, innovate and transform with Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University is the University ‘for’ Birmingham. We strive to realise our vision to transform the region by accelerating business growth and employability within the local economy.

We are doing this by delivering:

  • Practise-based research and knowledge transfer
  • Business growth expertise and support activities
  • A highly-skilled, work-ready graduate workforce 
  • Interdisciplinary academic and industry collaborations

Our Innovation Institutes enable businesses and organisations to collaborate with our academic experts and specialists to create leading, practise-based research and new knowledge that delivers a real world, societal or business impact.

Our business growth specialists at BCU Advantage support regional SMEs and businesses by creating and delivering a portfolio of business growth activities from one to one business analysis and consultancy to workshops, knowledge transfer partnerships and higher and degree apprentices.

Our  Higher Level Skills Match (HLSM) account managers work with regional SME leaders to identify the skills their businesses need to achieve their growth objectives and deliver bespoke skills solutions that match their business needs to highly-skilled work-ready graduates and/or employee up-skilling and training opportunities.

Our interdisciplinary collaborations at STEAMhouse help entrepreneurs, SMEs and organisations with strong business ideas but a lack of knowledge, skills or resources to ‘plan it, make it and commercialise it’. More than a makerspace, STEAMhouse is a melting pot of technology, facilities, expert knowledge and specialist skills that put the Arts into STEM to drive business innovation and regional growth.

These are just a few of the ways Birmingham City University is helping to transform the region as the University ‘for’ Birmingham.

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Some of the projects and activities helping us to achieve our commitments are:

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