STEAM Hatchery

STEAMhouse is launching an exciting new programme offering students and graduates the opportunity to earn part of a £10,000 prize fund - as well as access to expert support and superb facilities – in order to launch their own business.

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An amazing opportunity for students and graduates

The STEAM Hatchery is designed for those with an innovative and exciting business idea who wish to develop it into a viable business.

Students can enter individually or as part of a team.

The programme is limited to 100 places and is open to third-year students (including international), and alumni that have graduated within the past year.

Participants will compete for a share of the £10,000 prize fund and the chance to start their business in STEAMhouse Incubator.

The ten-week course, which will begin on Tuesday 7 June, will culminate in participants submitting a business plan and presenting their business idea to a panel of judges.

Expert advice from BCU academics and local business leaders

Over the ten weeks, participants will attend taught sessions on a Tuesday morning, learning vital skills in:

  •         Building a sustainable business model
  •         Creating an efficient sales strategy
  •         Perfecting business pitches
  •         Financial planning
  •         Prototyping

Furthermore, there is also the opportunity for participants to spend Thursdays working on their business plans, collaborating appointed mentors and learning from experts who can help them develop their idea.

Throughout the programme, participants will be based in the new STEAMhouse innovation centre, a 120,000 sq ft new building that boasts state-of-the-art production space, workshops, meeting rooms and cutting-edge technology.

Tuesday’s taught sessions will be delivered by facilitators from a range of disciplines, offering experience and key insight to help participants develop their skills and their business idea.

Turn a dream into a reality

STEAM Hatchery provides students and recent graduates with a vital opportunity to learn important skills and turn their business idea into a functioning enterprise, all with the support of STEAMhouse Incubator.

The Hatchery also looks to meet Birmingham City Council’s ambitious new levelling up strategy by providing students and graduates with the chance to create their own employment opportunity and build the skills modern employers seek.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Julian Beer says that the new programme matches the University’s demand to power regional transformation and ensure its students have the skills needed to succeed in modern business.

“As the University for Birmingham, we are committed to providing a transformative experience for our students and graduates, one that brings together multiple disciplines and ensures that they have the attributes needed for their future careers,” he says.

Richard Scutt, Head of Growth and Incubation at STEAMhouse, feels this new initiative is another example of BCU providing hands-on employability support.

“Recent startups like Gymshark and Lounge Underwear have shown to people that, with the right support and access to facilities, they can create a viable business that can grow. STEAM Hatchery provides them with the tools to achieve this,” he says.

“If you know of a student or graduate that has the attributes and determination needed, let them know that this is a vital new programme for them.”  

The perfect opportunity

Helena Hunt, BCU graduate and STEAM Hatchery member

BCU graduate Helena Hunt has already signed up to the Hatchery and sees it as the perfect challenge and a great opportunity to get her illustration business off the ground.

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to challenge myself and see what I can achieve in this setting,” Helena enthuses.

“Having a business of any kind means networking is important, so the Hatchery programme is the perfect opportunity to meet likeminded people who are also aiming for the same goal.”

Helena feels that the Hatchery programme is an incredible opportunity for recent graduates to receive the support that they need to flourish.

“It’s incredibly valuable for students and graduates from different backgrounds to receive great support not found elsewhere,” Helena says. “It’s helpful for alumni such as myself to feel supported and optimistic.”

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Students working together for the STEAM Hatchery

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