Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub project is a pioneering concept aimed at facilitating the deployment and transfer of knowledge between businesses, public and third sector organisations across specific districts of Birmingham.


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How will Knowledge Hub revolutionise the way you live and work?

Through the nurture of learning, innovation, culture and enterprise, Knowledge Hub will:

  • Allow for open exchanges of information to improve transport routes, public spaces, industry and ecology in Birmingham's Eastside.
  • Provide pioneering local businesses and other organisations with access to expertise and resources.
  • Develop green spaces, such as community gardens, markets and playgrounds.
  • Provide social, economic and environmental data from sensors embedded in infrastructure through the Sensor Village project that would transform Eastside into a test bed for business products and services.
  • Foster the inclusion of music, literature and theatre.

Interested in joining Knowledge Hub?

Please send us an enquiry selecting 'Knowledge Hub' to register your interest. We will then get in touch to see how the Knowledge Hub project can help you achieve your goals.