rehab apprenticeship Using our long history of delivering high quality Rehabilitation Work training, as evidenced by our 100 per cent student satisfaction scores in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 National Student Surveys, Birmingham City University has developed this new apprenticeship for Rehabilitation Work Visual Impairment. The University is the only registered training provider for this apprenticeship.

Visual impairment is a life changing experience and often Rehabilitation Workers will be working with people who are at a crisis point in their lives. A qualified worker’s strength is to be a problem solver and to respond to each person's unique and complex situation.

The Rehabilitation Work Apprenticeship, designed in line with the Rehabilitation Worker Visual Impairment Standard, supports apprentices to gain key knowledge, skills and behaviours to support people with visual impairment through block learning weeks at university alongside building up valuable experience in the work place.

Working as part of the professional community, apprentices will develop specific knowledge, skills and behaviours to improve the mobility, independent living and communication skills of people with all levels of visual impairments.

Experts from outside the University provide additional specialist knowledge and experience and enrich the apprentices’ experience. Engagement with people who have a visual impairment ensures apprentices gain in-depth insights, invaluable feedback and a sense of personal satisfaction from supporting people to live independently.

As part of the University’s Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences, apprentices can benefit from access to many additional resources. These include extensive IT services and support, library resources including help with research, and our Personal Development Department.