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Alina Ullah

Alina Ullah - Business Student Profile Picture “Hello, I’m Alina Ullah. I am currently in my first year at Birmingham City University, studying Business and Marketing. I wanted to share with you three things that I am most enthusiastic about on my course.

Since starting my course in September, I have been overwhelmed by the number of opportunities available whilst studying in the Business School. For example, one of my modules has given me the opportunity to develop my skills in Marketing, learning about how it operates within local and regional businesses.

I love how approachable academics and other staff members are across the faculty. It’s really easy to approach someone to ask for help and you will always receive the best support from them.

I also like the way that my work is assessed. Since starting in September, I’ve worked on both group and individual assignments, completed online quizzes and I’ve just starting my exam period.”

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