Start your own business

Want to start your own business?

All business students can choose to start their own business in year three instead of completing a dissertation.

We actively encourage students who are interested in starting their own businesses or developing their entrepreneurial skills.

As well as our Entrepreneurship Society, Business School students can take advantage of our SPEED Plus programme or ASK@BCU, our online employer mentoring which teams students up with alumni and employer mentors to provide industry insight, employability skills and contacts.


Some of our entrepreneurial students just can’t wait to get started on their own business. The SPEED Plus programme offers them the assistance they need.

SPEED Plus gives students, graduates or alumni from universities in the West Midlands all the support they need to set up a business in the region. If you’ve got the right ideas and the firm commitment to make it work, SPEED Plus, working with the University, can give you training, one-to-one assistance and sometimes even some funding, to help you get you up and running.