Leadership Challenge

West Midlands manufacturer Westfield Sports Cars offers summer internships for business degree students featuring workshops and challenges such as “designing the Westfield experience” – a communications project to build more engagement for its race days. Our students get fantastic experience on live projects, the chance to develop their innovation skills and £2,000 in prizes at the end.

Roberta Okamoto, an overseas student from Brazil, has taken full advantage of the Leadership Challenge opportunities. Alongside her MSc Management and International Business, she’s enjoyed making time for plenty of challenges to inspire both herself and prospective employers with confidence. One of these was the Westfield Sports Cars project.

She said: “I had the chance to experience how it would be to work for the company … we visited all the premises, including the factories, to learn more about the brand, the company, the products and the production processes, which helped a lot with developing ideas for the projects. We also had workshops with the CEO from Westfield Sports Cars and it was a unique chance to experience the brand from the perspective of those responsible for it.

"I developed my ability to work in a team, which helped me understand better the necessity of defining roles and tasks for each member of the group. I also developed the ability to deal with people from different backgrounds and with varied opinions – it was good to learn how to deal with situations where you have different opinions and have to come up, as a group, with only one decision.

"Moreover, these projects help you to put in practice most of the things that you have learnt on your course, which makes you feel more confident about your abilities and skills – something that I believe to be very helpful when looking for a job.

"I believe that every student should take part in experiences like these – because through these experiences you not only acquire new abilities and professional experiences, but you also develop yourself by acquiring new personal perspectives of how life will be after finishing university, as well as how you will face this new stage of your life.”