Student Academic Partnerships

Our ground-breaking Student Academic Partners (SAP) scheme gives our students a real sense of pride in their University by helping them shape it. The scheme teams staff and students in an equal partnership to instigate projects to improve learning and teaching.

It's no wonder it earned the University the Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding Student Support 2010.

This pioneering collaboration between staff and students is part of a wider University initiative to create a real sense of learning community, where students influence their own education.

How does it help me?


Stand out from the crowd – it’s a great way to enhance your experience and will shine on your CV.


Earn £10 per hour for up to 100 hours. Earn some money whilst doing something academically interesting and valuable and a huge plus on your CV.


Enjoy one-to-one time, working with a member of staff on an equal footing - it's very much a two-way process.


Get valuable experience of doing practical research.

Recent projects

Over the past three years SAPs have delivered over 160 projects, employed over 400 students and dramatically improved the learning experience across the University in wide variety of areas. Here are just some of those the Business School has been involved in:

Creating an Entrepreneurship Society

This brilliant idea came directly from one of our talented – and need we say entrepreneurial – students, Roland Ruhumuriza.

It's been a resounding success: a society to promote and encourage entrepreneurship, encouraging members to meet like-minded people with ingenious business ideas, both from the University and the local business community.

Students mentoring students

Our staff and students came up with our student mentoring scheme after being inspired by students’ difficulties with numeracy.

We’ve found that students thoroughly enjoy learning from their peers, the results are excellent, and it’s a really successful complement to our more traditional teaching.

What started as an experimental SAP project is now a very popular University-wide service.

Passport to Practice (P2P)

This SAP, co-designed by our students, is an online portfolio of their achievements, both academic and experience based, that can be used to showcase talent to potential employers, boost a student's CV, and help highlight graduate capabilities. Co-curricular activities such as volunteering, personal development and paid work can be included.

Passport to Practice > >

Team Consultancy Project

Students were keen to work with their peers across the whole of the Business School … and so the Team Consultancy Project was born.

Working with ‘real-world’ clients, a team of students take a brief and work across their disciplines to develop options to solve a problem. 

Recent clients include the Midland Housing Association and Free at Last, a social enterprise in Nechells.

Get involved

For information about the scheme and the types of projects supported please see the Students' Union website.

For further information please contact Luke Millard or Paul Chapman.