Multi-Unit Leadership Podcasts

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Multi-Unit Conference podcasts

Clinton Bantock

Helping past and present candidates to collaborate in their research activities, we run events for them to discuss their insights and concerns. The following presentations from professionals in the field are taken from events we hold.

Michael Cahill

Michael Cahill

Michael gave the keynote presentation at this year’s symposium. His podcast illustrates why organic growth at the multi-unit level provides companies with a more sustainable strategic direction balancing the risk/reward relationship towards the reward.

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Mark Adams

Mark Adams

Mark’s Masters dissertation explains the relationship between online and retail sites in the gaming business. He finds that internal advocacy within the retail team improves collaboration between the two channels.

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Andrea Strathmore

Andrea Strathmore

Andrea’s Masters considered the manner in which the area manager can construct a framework for service innovation without losing control of standards and consistency.

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Dr Ibrahim Musar

Dr Ibrahim Musa Umar

Ibrahim’s doctorate was set within a large multi-site accountancy firm. In this podcast he considers how knowledge innovation was shaped across sites identifying different aspects of trust that facilitate sharing.

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Barny Morris

Barny Morris

Barny is working at the start of his doctorate. He explains how he is setting out to explore service innovation within a tight brand framework.

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Michael O'Connor

The application of a franchising model is increasingly being embraced in the multi-site situation. Here Michael explores the roll-out of the Meet and Eat franchise within Greene King that formed his dissertation within the MSc programme.

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Andrea Strathmore

Grass-roots innovation and the spread of knowledge across a multi-site network is a key counter-part to the traditional top-down adherence to the brand specification. Here Andrea discusses how she researched this area for her dissertation on the MSc programme.

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Karen Bishop

Seasonality has a particularly powerful impact in the casual dining sector precipitating changes in menu, volume, pricing and occasionality. Karen explores the dynamics of successfully meeting the challenges of Christmas within her MSc project and how the thinking was embedded more broadly as a result.

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The organic growth podcast series

Stephen Willson

Growing businesses without recourse to acquisitions and mergers is key to the success of businesses featuring the multi-site organisational form. These podcasts complement our workshops and our ongoing postgraduate research.

Justin King

Justin King recently stepped down as CEO of Sainsbury’s. In this podcast he discusses changing customer behaviour and how intermediaries can thrive amid challenges from discounters, on-line, showrooming and disintermediation by suppliers.

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The view from the site manager

The view from the Boardroom

In a multi-channel, multi-brand organisation there are multiple tensions to address to achieve organic growth. Here the chairman of the Rank group discusses a range of issues including the management of innovation and risk.

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