What types of businesses can take part?

To date, KTP has worked with over 3,000 organisations. Any business sector, including third sector and public sector organisations can take part. The scheme is open to businesses of all sizes from micro businesses to large enterprises.

However, a KTP may not be appropriate for every business. Very small business or recent start-ups may not have the capacity to provide support for the Associate or resources to commit to the project.

What types of project does KTP support?

KTP works by identifying a knowledge gap in a business which can be filled by the academic expertise of a university via a graduate (called 'Associate') to help the company become more profitable, efficient and/or innovative. Therefore projects span a huge number of disciplines and could include, for example:

  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies to enter new markets
  • Developing new systems and procedures to improve efficiencies
  • Improving existing products or developing new products

How is the Associate recruited?

The recruitment process is completed jointly by the University and the company. Together, agreement is reached on the knowledge and skillset required of the Associate and the position is advertised nationally on appropriate graduate job vacancy websites, in all UK universities and on the KTP online website. Both the University and company are involved in the interviews and make the appointment decision jointly.

Who employs the Associate?

The Associate is employed by the University; however, they are based at the company premises, working under the same terms and conditions as other company staff and are treated as a member of the company team.

I'm interested in finding out more. Who should I contact?

To discuss how KTP could support your business please contact the Business Services Team.