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Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Dr Charlotte Carey and Dr Javed HussainBirmingham City Business School


The European Commission and UK government have recognised the potential of Higher Education in the development of entrepreneurial individuals and business innovation.

Our Business School has carried out focused research on entrepreneurship education and graduate entrepreneurship since 2004. Specifically, much of the research has sought to track the impact of entrepreneurship education on graduates over time.

Who it benefits

Our researchers have made significant contributions to advisory panels such as the QAA and the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE).

Policymakers have drawn upon the important work being undertaken in this area. The research has formed part of a number of papers put together by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), most notably the 2012 Wilson Review of Business-University Collaboration for the UK government.

The Action Leader of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre has also recognised the research to be 'extremely valuable', contributing to 'the wider policy agenda of the European Union.'

We're also working with graduate ethnic minority entrepreneurs to restructure and reorganise finances in family businesses. This is making a significant difference economically to SMEs in the region.

Download the full impact case study submitted to REF 2014

PhD students improving global entrepreneurship

Our PhD researchers are shaping the future of entrepreneurship for some of the world’s most developing demographics. From building economic success and growth in areas of sub Saharan Africa to assessing the experiences of Black and Chinese entrepreneurs in Birmingham, Birmingham City University’s postgraduate researchers are shining a light on one of the world’s most exciting and unpredictable industries.

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Our Business School has carried out focused research on entrepreneurship education and graduate entrepreneurship since 2004.