Xiping Shinnie

Xiping developed strong interests in entrepreneurship research when she participated in a research project in China, where the article 'Can Venture Capital Assure and Supervise Internal Deficiencies: An Empirical Study of Companies Listed on China Growth Enterprise Market' was produced and presented. Early in Xiping's career, she worked as an English lecturer at Chongqing Technology and Business University, teaching English in a professional business context.

Following that, Xiping went on to wok at Chengdu University as an English-Chinese translation lecturer, presenting a conference paper under the title 'Equality and Diversity in a Globalisation and Multicultural Context - the Reception and Recreation of Postcolonial Translation Theory in China and Beyond'. Xiping also published a monograph under the title 'Family Law in a Nutshell'.

In the past, Xiping recently completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in China and a Master's degree in Translation Studies at the University of Birmingham, where Xiping also works as a Mandarin Chinese lecturer. This gives Xiping inspiration as she gets to see many of her students learn Mandarin Chinese in order to carry out future business transactions in China. This motivated Xiping to study a PhD in entrepreneurship, in order to encourage and inspire more young people to turn their language skills and culture heritage into constructive business experiences.

Given the close links between culture, migration and entrepreneurship, Xiping is keen to integrate her past experience in linguistics and culture studies into the research of ethnic minority migrant entrepreneurship. 

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