Cindy Millman

Cindy Millman Profile Picture July 2016

Associate Professor in Business, Associate Director – Quality and Accreditation

+44 (0)121 202 4621

Cindy joined the Business School in 2004 after completing her MSc in Management and Marketing (with distinction). Cindy is currently an Associate Professor in Business and Associate Director for Quality and Accreditation in the Business School, provide leadership for academic integrity of programmes, compliance with the University quality framework and other accreditation bodies and for monitoring and evaluation of programme and performance.

Cindy is a senior academic with business management experience in higher education (HE); An experienced researcher (have worked on several large projects funded by the EU and the UK funding bodies) in International entrepreneurship and innovation field, with a specific focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as lens of entrepreneurship education and gender.

Over a career spanning 10 years within industry and a further 19 years within academia, her educational and working life has centred around bridging the cultural and business links between the EU and China. Prior to joining the Birmingham City Business School, Cindy worked as an international account manager and merchandiser conducting international business. This experience has influenced her current research interests, and she has published a number of refereed research papers in various international journals, as well as numerous conference contributions and book chapters.

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