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Building upon his earlier book Effective Multi-Unit Leadership (described by the Leadership and Organization Development Journal as 'one of the key books of its kind for this decade') Chris Edger’s ‘Professional Area Management’ defines clearly and outlines the professional practice of outstanding retail area managers.

Bursting with real-life case studies (including Sainsbury’s, YO! Sushi, Hungry Horse, Stonegate, Harvester, St Gobain, Park Holidays, Burberry, Loungers and many others) this book is essential reading for general managers who aim to go further up the chain of command and area managers who want to be the best.

In particular, Chris Edger outlines how area managers can 'close down the distance' between themselves and their units in order to optimise performance. ‘Professional Area Management’ contains essential how-to checklists for the ambitious general manager or area manager which can be applied out in the field. This is a must-read book for those who aspire to train or become great retail area managers.

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