Governance and Assurance Hub

The Hub runs programmes in relation to a number of postgraduate courses and delivers these on campus through full-time, block release or flexible learning or at a client premises to suit the needs of employers and individual students.

Hub Course Portfolio

The course portfolio of the Hub includes:

  • MSc Internal Audit Management & Consultancy is a key criteria for a route to chartered status agreed by the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors – UK & Ireland.
  • MSc Risk Management provides full exemption to the exams in the Certificate and all but one in the Diploma level of their qualification.
  • MSc Insurance and Risk Management also has full exemption to the exams for the IRM International Certificate and exemptions are currently in progress with the Chartered Insurance Institute for their Advanced Diploma.
  • CISA workshops and revision days are available on a regular basis.
  • Further commercial courses and Apprenticeships are also currently being developed for September 2018.

Lecture programme

Our close working relationships with our professional and business partners is a particularly important focus for us, as it enables us to invite key practitioners into the lecture programme. This adds real value by combining academic teaching with reality. It maintains a connection with current thinking in terms of internal audit, governance, risk management and consultancy, with which we can infuse our learning.

The Hub is a recognised school with the Institute of Internal Audit Education Programme (IAEP) of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Collaboration and research

We also work very closely with a number of leading Institutes. These include:

  • The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors and the Global Institute of Internal Auditors,
  • The Institute of Risk Management

Through our courses, we enhance future learning and career progression whilst contributing to the development of internal audit on a worldwide basis.

The Hub is actively engaged in a research programme and is currently undertaking a major research initiative working with the IIA Research Foundation to explore the impact on Internal Audit on the Business Cycle throughout the private, public and voluntary sectors.

The Hub has a dedicated research group which considers matters relating to Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility which supports our involvement in an active PhD programme for students wishing to study topics related to the work of the Hub.

CISA Review Course

CISA Revision Workshop