Revitalise Your Business with a Placement Student

What is a student placement?

Placements are structured programmes where a student spends up to 12 months working for an organisation as a full-time employee, usually between their second and third year of study, before returning to university to complete their degree. This provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and employability skills before they graduate.

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Taking on placement students

With students currently seeking opportunities, using a placement student will allow you as an employer to draw upon a temporary and flexible source of talent. Placement students with higher-level skills bring fresh ideas to the table as an additional business resource, resulting in significant value added to the organisation.

Do you need team members with aptitude, ability and forward-thinking skills?

Birmingham City University has helped thousands of businesses by providing knowledgeable, talented students who are eager to put their skills from theory to practice during a placement, to help businesses reach their objectives.

Why a placement student?

Placement students are seen as the trendsetters and powerful demographic for business today. They can really determine how successful a business is. With students in a position to help businesses target a younger demographic, naturally, as they are part of the market themselves, a placement student could hold the key for your business future, successfully appealing to a notoriously difficult, yet extremely powerful target market.

How will a placement student benefit me?

Placement opportunities will form an integral part of your business and help you:

  • Support your Business ethos.
  • Work towards your Corporate social responsibility
  • Increase public engagement
  • Gain fresh insights and impact your organisation from day one
  • Upskill your workforce and provide existing staff with the opportunity to supervise and mentor a student.
  • Shape students of the future and increase opportunities for young people locally
  • Reduce the timely process of recruiting, where we will help find the right candidate to fulfil your needs
  • Provide a low-cost recruitment solution for up to 12 months
  • Find a placement that could lead to permanent employment, which benefits both the student and your company long-term.

Overall, taking on a placement student is a great opportunity to excel in your business, lead to an increase in growth and keep pace within a fast-moving world.

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