Are You The Leader You Want To Be?

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”

Jack Welch, General Electric CEO, once named “Manager of the Century”

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Whether you are leading a small team or a large organization, the leadership style you implement can greatly impact your business's effectiveness. It is imperative to know what your style is.

Although many different styles of leadership, the wise leader can flex between these as the situation demands.

Styles include:

1) Autocratic

Autocratic leaders believe they know more than others and make all the decisions with minimum input. Only effective when crucial decisions need to be made, and you have the most knowledge about the situation.

2) Authoritative

A confident leader who sets the way forward while engaging and energising others to follow. Helping the team understand where the company is going by explaining their thinking and not just issuing orders.

3) Pacesetting

This style describes a very driven leader who sets the pace and bars high to push their team at all times.

4) Democratic

Democratic leaders share information with employees about anything that affects their work responsibilities. They also seek employees' opinions before approving a final decision.

5) Coaching

A leader who coaches views people as a reservoir of talent to be developed and seeks to unlock people's potential.

6) Affiliative

This style pays attention to and supports the team, striving to open up a pipeline that connects them.

7) Laissez-Faire

This style allows your team to make its own decisions and works well when leading highly skilled, experienced employees who are self-starters and motivated.

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