Our City and Campus

Birmingham is a young, creative, entrepreneurial city, with an open, thriving business community – which makes us the perfect place to study for a business degree and see how businesses work first-hand.

Birmingham is on course to be one of the 50 most competitive cities in the world by 2025 (Economist Intelligence Unit/Citi).

The Business School for a business city

We've forged strong links with many local (as well as national and global) organisations. It means that as a student you get every opportunity to put theory into practice and really understand what you learn.

Birmingham has a sustainable labour pool - it's Europe's youngest city with a high graduate retention rate. We retain a high number our Business School graduates in the city and our students have gone on to roles with Birmingham Airport, The Birmingham Law Society, Heartlands Hospital, Jaguar Land Rover, Mitchells & Butlers plc and West Bromwich Building Society, to name but a few.

The opportunity for our business graduates to find employment across the sectors in Birmingham is also greater than in other major cities:

Employee category (number of people who are:)Glasgow CityManchesterBirmingham
Managers and senior officials 27,400 20,400 50,100
Professional occupations 30,400 31,200 61,300
Total 57,800 51,600 111,400

ONS Crown Copyright Reserved Apr 2009-Mar 2010 (from NOMIS on 7 April 2011)

Reasons to study in Birmingham

  • We've got the largest concentration of businesses outside of London – we’re home to 42,000 companies including almost 900 international firms.
  • We've got a reputation as a leading European business hub and a £94 billion regional economy.
  • We believe more investment is currently taking place in Birmingham than any other UK regional city.
  • We have the UK’s largest regional business, professional and financial services industry.