Skills Funding Agency

To develop pedagogical expertise amongst OLASS tutors, within the five TMC regions (to include TMC and non TMC based tutors) and facilitate production of pedagogically led materials for the teaching of both the vocational and wider curriculum through the Virtual Campus.


New suite of tutor ‘owned’, sector-specific and context-tested resources produced for each of the five subject areas

  • Up to 50 ‘Virtual Campus Pedagogy Coaches’ trained to cascade and build capacity across the TMC regions
  • Teacher developed ‘key principles for effective teaching with the virtual campus’ guidance document produced and disseminated in a range of media formats (and submitted for publication)
  • National subject strand ‘hubs’ established that link in to Content Development Group
  • Regional Pedagogy Coaches network groups established
  • Pedagogy Coach web-folio developed to support and sustain connectivity beyond the lifetime of the project
  • Bespoke, context specific content development tool developed


  1. To convene national dissemination event
  2. To produce and disseminate ‘Key principles for effective teaching with the virtual campus’ in a range of media and submit evaluation report for publication in professional and academic journal