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Saudi Ministry of Education

Saudi Ministry of Education

This programme is designed to develop an understanding of the concept of the Learning Organisation for members of the Education Department and Area Managers from Saudi Arabia. Visits to educational establishments will demonstrate the practical application of the concepts discussed in taught sessions.

The Client

Organizations today face major challenges in succeeding in highly competitive markets. With the rising demand for companies to offer services which exceed expectations, it is necessary to make sure that our most important assets, the human resources, are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to meet these expectations. At Saudi HRD, we understand this and also understand that retaining those talents is crucial for your organization’s survival. With our tools and customized solutions, we help you do just that.

Saudi HRD was established in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1980 as a consulting firm, specialized in providing management & engineering consulting to our clients. Our services have since developed and evolved and we now provide an array of management solutions, ranging from training & talent management to certifying clients in the latest quality management programs.

Our main offices are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with branches represented by our sister company ‘Team’ in the Middle East and Africa. This enables us to be closer to our clients providing extensive and integrated services of the highest standards.

HRD employs more than 500 full-time and part-time experts specialized in multi-disciplinary backgrounds who have trained over 200,000 professionals in diverse sectors.

I would like to express our appreciation for your professional effort to our programme "Learning organisation"  held at your University from 16-27 April 2012.

We also would like to thank all BCU's staff for all the support they gave, their  extensive knowledge and willingness to share is truly beneficial to the course participants. 

Special thanks to Dr Anthony  COLES and his team.  I will give a complete feedback after meeting the client next week to prepare for the next group.

Once again thank you for your contribution as well as your team members which gave a great success to our seminar.


The programme will provide participants with the required knowledge and skills to lead and transform their departments to be a learning organization. They will be able to generate a learning environment; improve their ability to assess the different ways people learn at work; evaluate approaches to thinking, problem-solving and decision making and techniques appropriate to support knowledge creation within their departments


The managers will be allowed to implement their experience back in Saudi Arabia and there will be another further training course in June 2012.