Design-Enhanced Manufacturing Process

Safety Technology International

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), in partnership with Birmingham City University, helped STI build an effective in-house design framework into its manufacturing process enabling it to create new, improved and more contemporary product lines, significantly broadening its market appeal. As a result, the company won new business and increased its presence in overseas markets, which substantially increased its sales turnover and profitability.

The new process also enabled STI to create more innovative and visually attractive products, which gave the company a more competitive edge against other manufacturers in the safety market and increased procurement of new orders. The enhanced quality of STI’s work also led to further contracts with existing, high profile clients resulting in further increased revenue.

STI’s staff also benefited from improved knowledge and expertise in the area of product design. This allowed clients to have more involvement in the design process, enabling staff to build closer relationships with customers and create more personalised, tailored designs, thus improving client satisfaction.

The KTP helped us to focus our attention on key areas for developing new contemporary designs for our existing product range. The link between education and the company has been a rewarding experience and the new product range has helped us to secure various international contracts.

Ges Wallace, Managing Director, STI Europe


  • New, improved products increased sales by over 50%.
  • STI increased its profitability by over 500% since the beginning of the KTP.
  • Improved operational efficiency led to significant costs savings.
  • New in-house design process created stronger relationships with customers.
  • Enhanced product quality improved the company’s competitive position.