Jerome Turner

Jerome joined BCMCR in 2012, as Research Assistant on the AHRC-funded project Community, Media and the Creative Citizen. His work there focused on hyperlocal publishing, and he completed his PhD study of hyperlocal Facebook audiences in 2018. Since 2015 he has worked on various research projects, and is also involved in the Centre’s Monitoring and Evaluation Lab activities. He teaches on the School of Media’s Journalism degree.

Since that project's end in 2015 he has been involved in various research projects at the centre, including the SIDA-funded Checkdesk project, delivering training materials for citizen journalists in the Arab Region, and is now also involved in the centre's Monitoring and Evaluation Lab activities.With colleagues at the HELS faculty, Jerome has completed pilot work on the theme of sexting amongst young people and is developing this work further. Jerome hopes to complete his ethnographic study of online local community media audiences for PhD submission in 2017.