Creative Industries expertise

Creative Industries We have an historic commitment to culture and creativity as a means to enhance lives, promote public good and stimulate the economy.

With nearly 6,000 of our 24,000 students enrolled on courses in music, theatre, writing, media, digital technology, and across art and design, we are one of Britain’s leading providers of graduate talent to the cultural and creative industries.

We transfer and exchange cultural expertise and practice, contributing significantly to the vitality of the West Midlands’ cultural programming, with an annual output of over 400 public performances, exhibitions and events spanning the arts, design and creative innovation.

Our facilities are a key part of the region’s cultural infrastructure, which has been enhanced with the introduction of our Parkside Media Studios. We enjoy active, innovative partnerships with a wide range of established arts institutions, creatingoriginal work and fostering the development of artists whose names are recognised the world over.

Expertise in media includes:

  • Alternative and independent media
  • Broadcast archives
  • Cultural history
  • Fandom and fan culture
  • Media for development
  • Media industries and institutions
  • Media performance and emotion
  • Media for social change
  • Media technologies
  • New media
  • Online music
  • Popular music culture and music industries
  • Radio studies
  • Reality media
  • Sexuality and identity
  • Urban culture
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