Innovate for Advantage

Innovate for Advantage What is Innovate for Advantage?

Innovate for Advantage is aimed to support businesses to improve their performance by helping them to develop new products and services and to streamline processes. It taps into a range of expertise such as design, engineering, digital technology, e-business, social enterprise, business process improvement, marketing, web design and green technologies.

Key features

  • Designed to help provide today’s smartest businesses gain access to innovative ideas and solutions, developed to bring value add to any business, in any sector
  • Customised to meet the strategic business needs of SMEs and Large organisations
  • Projects vary in length ranging from 3 months to 2 years
  • Facilitated through a high calibre graduate, and academic expert and a business partner

Projects can include:

  • low carbon automotive systems
  • design
  • sustainable/strategic marketing
  • business process reengineering
  • online business systems
  • product design
  • manufacturing
  • engineering
  • business process improvement
  • IT

Benefits to your business

  • Provides an innovative bespoke solution to support your business needs
  • We can embed new knowledge technology and processes into your operations and align with your strategic plans
  • Gives you access to high calibre graduates and postgraduates who can manage and deliver a project within your organisation if required
  • Gives you access to the University’s vast pool of academic experts

Contact: Natalie Lewis, Knowledge Transfer Manager
Research, Innovation & Enterprise Team
T: 0121 331 5677