Consultancy Services We offer bespoke consultancy services based around our areas of expertise. Services and rates vary. For more information about consultancy for your business contact 0121 331 5252.


The Academy of Multi Unit Leadership at Birmingham City Business School is the UK’s leading research and instruction centre focusing on local leadership in the multi-site business.


Dr Clinton Bantock
T: 0121 331 6432 / M: 07817 662763

Debbie Colley
T: 0121 331 5297

Creative Industries

  • Developing Digital Media from a citizen-led perspective
  • Developing Digital Media skills from a broadcast perspective – looking at coding/creative skills
  • Gaming
  • Driving skills for future media needs
  • Driving new markets for digital media through cross innovation
  • Growing the creative economy
  • Digital development in the cultural economy

Charmaine Stint, Corporate Relations Manager
T: 0121 331 6895

Design and Innovation

  • User Centre Design
  • Interiors and Lifestyle Futures - support for developing high-value markets and creating profitable partnerships – Rapid Innovation
  • Growing high value goods - high value-added goods specialist support including CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping, surface finishing, reverse engineering, laser scanning, welding, marketing, design strategy management concept to prototype advice and new technology applications
  • Knowledge based engineering – Industrial design

Charmaine Stint, Corporate Relations Manager
T: 0121 331 6895

Health and Quality of Life

  • Active service redesign
  • Dignity in care
  • Health understanding for all
  • Better outcomes for common health concerns

Annette Copper, KTP Manager
T: 0121 202 4551

Sustainable Development, Urban Reform and Smart Specialisation


Kelly O'Neil, Corporate Relations Manager
T: 0121 331 5254

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