Sensor Village

An exciting concept that will create a unique, innovative sensor system in the heart of Birmingham's Eastside

Providing local businesses and organisations with the skills and technical support they need

Sensor Village, a Knowledge Hub project, will provide real-time Sensor_Technologyanalytics on urban activity into areas such as Birmingham's Eastside. It will develop high-tech sensor systems that will provide your business with analysis of data trends and analytics, producing valuable insight into energy consumption, mobility and health for the businesses involved.

If you are open to developing innovative, bespoke sensors, Sensor Village will provide access to live data for invaluable things like air quality, footfall, traffic and wi-fi connections.

Want to get involved with Sensor Village?

Please send us an enquiry selecting 'Sensor Village' to register your interest. We will then get in touch to see how the Sensor Village project can help you achieve your goals.