Erika Pärn


Architectural Technology Lecturer

School of Engineering and the Built Environment

Current activity:

Erika is currently working on a case study of impact for REF2020 that will focus upon her innovative work into BIM, supported by industrial partners including Wilmott Dixon, Balfour Beatty and BAM.  She has worked on a range of international commercial projects, and was an early advocate of project implementation through building information modelling (BIM). She has worked alongside conservation architects in a multi-award-winning conservation practice in India, as well as working on a multi-million pound logistics development that attracted coverage from media broadcaster CNN. 

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Area of expertise:

  • BIM and FM integration;
  • Design development automation;
  • Clash detection;
  • Laser-scanning;
  • Engineering design;
  • Construction Management in Developing Countries;
  • Cyber-security of critical infrastructure;
  • Networked and sensor based BIM integration


Prior to her career in academia, Erika gained first-hand industrial experience while being employed by several architectural practices.