University develops Erasmus+ exchange with Saint-Petersburg

Erasmus+ delegation

Following a successful Erasmus+ bid, the University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment (CEBE) is exchanging six staff with Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPSUACE). Staff from each university will give a series of classes and research seminars over the course of a week-long visit.

The overall theme of the exchange is environmental sustainability, but we are also seeking to learn from each other on ways to embed employability and globalisation into our courses. 

Built Environment Courses

Birmingham City University

The first SPSUACE staff to visit us in October were Professors Rashid Mangushev and Larisa Matveeva. Professor Mangushev delivered a talk on protecting historic buildings in Saint Petersburg from flood damage, a field in which he is an internationally renowned expert. He had a useful exchange of ideas with Professor David Proverbs, CEBE’s Associate Dean International, who is an international authority on flood management. They discussed possibilities for joint research and agreed to add each other to the editorial boards of journals that they edit. Professor Mangushev also discussed opportunities for collaboration in civil engineering with Antony Taft, who is Programme Leader for the MEng Civil Engineering.

From 5 to 11 November, the University welcomed Professor Evgenii Shesterov, Dean of the Faculty of Ecological Engineering and Municipal Services at SPSUACE, Professor Andrey Vaitens, Chair of Urban Design, Dr Iurii Stolbikhin, Department of Water Usage and Ecology, and Elena Selezneva, Deputy Director of the International Office.  Dr Stolbikhin gave a talk about the research activities of his department. He discussed possibilities for collaborative research in water management with Professor Lynsey Melville and Professor Wenyan Wu from CEBE. 

Several staff from CEBE have also visited Saint Petersburg. Dr Ricardo Sodre from the School of Engineering and the Built Environment visited SPSUACE in May this year. He delivered sessions on refrigeration and heat pump systems, and psychrometric applications.

Roger Wall and Dr Timothy Lee visited from 5 to 11 November. Roger talked about environmental sustainability and Timothy about UK property investment. The sessions were appreciated by both staff and students. Dr Niraj Thurairajah from the School of Engineering and the Built Environment will visit SPSUACE in February 2018 to talk about Building Information Modelling (BIM). Dr Martyn Ratcliffe and William Campbell will also visit in February to explore opportunities for learning from each other on the ways we incorporate employability and globalisation into our courses.

The interaction between BCU and SPSUACE and the synergy of the two institutions’ research interests will provide a useful platform for developing student and staff exchanges and joint research over the coming years.

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