Content Blocks

Content blocks are great for displaying simple text content with an optional title, subtitle and CTA's if you want them. You are looking at one right now. Below are some examples of different versions including different alignments, hero's, 50/50 blocks and so on.

Example Hero

A subtitle for our hero


Hero's are typically used at the very top of landing pages, don't use them on every page.

There are a few versions of hero views which can be selected to change the appearance slightly or the alignment of the text on the hero.

Subtitles and CTA's are optional and if not authored they won't appear on the hero. Aim to use horizontal aspect ratio images around 1400px on the long edge (run them through an online compression service first).

Hero Left Aligned

You can add a left or right aligned hero too

50/50 Panels

Fifty-fifty panels are about the text and optional call-to-action. The image is presentational in support of the content but not part of the content itself.

The panels can be left or right aligned which affects which site the image appears on.